Wake Forest departments that need to have an event can use Cvent.  This is a web-based tool for online event registration and management. With Cvent you can create an online event registrations and websites, communicate with your participants, and get real-time registration data on your own.  With WFU/Cvent ecommerce you can collect event registration fees, sale optional items and we will process the payment deposits in Workday for you.

Cvent Features

  • Online event registration
  • Contact database for invited and registered lists
  • Real-time event registration reports
  • Customizable event registration websites
  • Customizable event emails
  • Dynamic, multi-track, multi session registration
  • Configurable restrictions and permissions
  • Built-in content library for policies, brochures, maps and more
  • Self-serve registration. Attendees can modify, cancel, and get refunds
  • Automated wait lists and capacity management
  • Make your event virtual
  • Secure event payment processing
  • Link to your event site from your departmental web site

Interested in Using Cvent?

If you are interested in using Cvent or just want more information please contact Karen Hunter at cfs@wfu.edu.

Students wanting to do something with Cvent should contact Amy Mohan at mohanab@wfu.edu for assistance.

Accessing Cvent

In order to access Cvent, you must have been assigned a license.  Then navigate to your Google Apps Launcher and click on the Cvent icon.

Cvent Icon